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What is the different between apartments nr.3,nr.4 and nr.2,nr:5?

The apartments nr.3 and 4 are situated in the first floor, only they have its own balcony and the entry to the terrace leads directly from the apartment. That´s why you don´t need to go to the lower or higher floor (for example for wood or to the smoking-chamber) as in apartments 2 and 5. Thanks to these advantages there is a higher price.

What about a pet?

If you have a family pet, you can take it with you to the mountains. This posibility is available only for apartments 1, 2 and 5. The price is 50 CZK/ 1 night and it´s paid in the of your stay.

What is the average price for energies in the final statement of account?

This item depends on heating in the fireplace stone or radiators, on cooking by yourself or eating out and so on. The average price for used energy is to 1000 CZK.

When is a usual start of a stay?

A week stay usually starts on Sunday between 14 – 15 o´clock and you leave on Saturday between 8 and 10 o´clock in the morning. If the stay is shorter than 1 week, start and finish are solved individually.

Is the possible to accommodate more than 8 persons in a big apartment?

Yes, it´s possible. In this case we recquire a day extra fee: price to of rent of apartment/40.

What about storno charge?

Storno charges for canceled reservation are these:

Cancellation to 2 weeks before the stay100% of total advance payment
Cancellation to 3 weeks before the stay80% of total advance payment
Cancellation to 4 weeks before the stay70% of total advance payment
Cancellation to 5 weeks before the stay60% of total advance payment
Cancellation to 6 weeks before the stay50% of total advance payment

If you didn´t find the answer of your question please, write it in this form and me will send you the answer in 24 hours by to your e-mail